Mode Designs Envoy is finally ready to order!


On April 13, 2023, MODE Designs, a keyboard brand based in Massachusetts, USA, updated its official Twitter page to announce that the Envoy keyboard, currently available for pre-order, is nearing fulfillment.

What is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment,” which is not so familiar in Japan, refers to the process by which an ordered product is delivered to the person who placed the order.

In short, it means that Envoy is ready for sale.

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Fulfillment is a marketing term that describes the entire process from the time an order is placed on an e-commerce site to the time the order is received by the customer.
The literal translation of the original English word (fulfillment) means “execution,” “accomplishment,” or “accomplishment.” Today, the term “fulfillment” refers to operations such as order processing, picking, packing, shipping, and delivery in the mail order and e-commerce businesses.


The Envoy is a 65% layout custom mechanical keyboard by MODE Designs, featuring a unique mounting method called “block mounting” that allows for a different keystroke feel.

Shipping is set for June 2023, and at this time the status is pre-order.

Officials say that “exciting news” is still being prepared, so let’s look forward to it.

MODE Designs Discord: discord .gg/Mvsq4BP

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