[M•ONE STUDIO] GINKGO65 Pro Group Buy Now Available at Wuque Studio! High-end keyboards starting at $259


On March 15, 2023, Wuque Studio, a custom keyboard store based in China, launched a group buy of the [M•ONE STUDIO] GINKGO65 PRO KEYBOARD KIT custom keyboard.

Prices start at $259.00 for the base keyboard kit.

The application period is from March 15, 2023 to April 3, 2023, and shipping appears to be scheduled for the third quarter of 2023 (October to December 2023).

Considering the fact that this is a high-end model, with three layers of sound-absorbing material and a gasket-mounted structure, we had the impression that it would have a very gentle keystroke feel.

This new product has many fans in Japan and is likely to be popular.

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Image and information reference: GINKGO65

Note: GB has also started at Cannonkeys.

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Discount Code: ryo10

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Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

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GINKGO65 PRO differs from earlier models in the following ways

  • 10 case colors
  • Equipped with interchangeable decoration blocks
  • Equipped with PVD Logo weights
  • Multiple PCB substrates to choose from
  • Flexible choice of keyboard layouts

10 case colors

Ginkgo65v2 Cases
Ginkgo65v2 Cases2

The case is now available in 10 colors.

Only E-White is electronically coated, but all other models have a full aluminum body with an anodized finish.

Ginkgo65Pro Proto11

In addition, the MONE logo has been changed to an engraved ginkgo mark starting with this model.

Equipped with interchangeable decoration blocks

Starting with this model, a logo has been added to the right edge of the keyboard.

This is a block system, and you can choose the color of your choice, or purchase additional ones.

Blocks can be selected from the following 10 colors.

Ginkgo65v2 Badges

Equipped with PVD Logo weights

DSCF4679 mod

The weights on the back can also be selected from the following four colors.

Ginkgo65v2 Badge2

Multiple PCB substrates to choose from

For PCB substrates, you can choose from hot-swappable flex PCBs or non-flex PCBs.

You can also select a PCB substrate that requires soldering if you want a Split Backspace layout, as described below.

Flexible choice of keyboard layouts

GINKGO65 offers a choice of two layouts from two different PCB substrates.

For non-hot-swappable substrates, flexible layout options are available, including split space bars and split backspaces.

On the other hand, hot-swappable boards offer no layout flexibility except for the option of stepped CapsLock.

Options for GINKGO65 PRO

GINKGO65 offers the following options

  • Decoration block add-on (additional parts)
  • Logo add-on on the bottom (additional parts)
  • PCB substrate, plate, gasket module, damper kit, etc.
wuquestudio ginkgo65banner

GINKGO65 PRO Specifications


Keyboard Specifications

  • Typing angle: 7 degrees
  • Dimensions : 320.39 * 119.47 * 32.72 mm
  • Front height: 19.18mm
  • Weight (unassembled): 1.3 kg or 2.87 lbs.
  • Case material: 6063 aluminum
  • Mounting method: gasket mount with gasket module

Substrate Specifications

  • Hot-swap PCB: 1.2 mm thick with Ai03 daughter board
  • QMK/VIA Support
  • Supports stepped caps lock and 7U layout
  • ESD Protection
  • Flex cut or non-flex cut


  • AI03 daughter board
  • JST Cable
  • M・ONE Stabilizer
  • keyboard foot
  • Screw and hex driver
  • Silicone gasket sleeve
  • Aluminum top and bottom case
  • Default PC Plate
  • Hot swap flex-cut/non-flex-cut PCB
  • PVD Logo Weight
  • Poron Damper Kit
  • Gasket Module
  • storage case
wuquestudio ginkgo65banner

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