Which carrying case is best for carrying the Logitech MX MECHANICAL Mini for Mac?


Logitech MX MECHANICAL Mini for Mac has been fully released.

Recently, Logitech has been focusing on Mac peripheral products, vigorously releasing models with the same English keyboard layout that so-called “core MacBook fans” select in CTO models.

Logitech MX MECHANICAL Mini for Mac is one of those with “US layout for use with Macbook”.

Currently, there are not so many US layout model keyboards with “regular command keys,” so it will surely be very popular among Mac users.

After all, a favorite keyboard is “something you want to use anytime, anywhere.

Then the question becomes, “How do I carry it?” The question then becomes, “How do I carry it with me?

This article will introduce the best carrying case for carrying the Logitech MX MECHANICAL Mini for Mac.

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In fact, most cases of “75% layout support” can be handled.

It is not easy to say “key layout” and many people will not have a clear idea of what it is.

In fact, keyboards come in a variety of layouts, and the Logitech MX MECHANICAL Mini for Mac falls into the “75% layout” category.

Tenkeyless ~ Compact

This layout varies depending on the presence or absence of a single column on the right side, but the approximate height and width are identical.

The genuine Magic Keyboard is also this size, as is the MX Keys Mini.

In short, any keyboard case with a “75% layout” may be entered.

Which carrying case is best for the Logitech MX MECHANICAL Mini for Mac?

If you search for ” mx mechanical mini case” on Amazon, this case will be the first one that comes up.

In fact, this case also exists in exactly the same design with different dimensions.

Search for ” mx keys mini case” and this is what comes up.

The former measures “33.9 x 17.7 x 5.7 cm; 330 g”

The latter measures “31.5 x 5 x 15 cm; 322 g.”

and the ” mx mechanical mini case” is slightly larger than the ” mx mechanical mini case “.

I actually put the Logitech MX MECHANICAL Mini for Mac in the same case I bought for the “MX Keys Mini”.

IMG 20221023 170756 scaled

It fits perfectly.

It was a little tight, but acceptable.

However, this case is more bulky than you might think.

IMG 20221023 170813 scaled

This weight and thickness is quite present.

It has handles, so it is ideal if you really want to carry it as a “bag”, but not for use inside a backpack or briefcase.

With that said, consider a soft case.

Kawamura top R

We have not demonstrated this, but size-wise, this case would fit.

NuPhy Air75 case can also be used.

DSC 4860

We also tried it in the case of the NuPhy Air75, a rival model of the same size, and it fit quite well.

Some bulging will occur, but it is acceptable.

Since it is not that bulky, it can be used as an inner case.

It is quite convenient as it can be used as a simple tablet stand.


These are the carrying cases for the Logitech MX MECHANICAL Mini for Mac.

While there may not be many enthusiasts who are willing to carry a keyboard with them, I personally highly recommend it.

After all, a laptop keyboard does not have such a good typing feel, and it is possible that typing speed and accuracy may be reduced.

With that said, wouldn’t using a mechanical keyboard that can be pressed down firmly help improve productivity and work efficiency?

Please consider carrying a keyboard with you.

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