Which replacement keycaps for HHKB are recommended?


The HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard) sold by PFU Corporation has become a very popular mechanical keyboard not only in Japan but also worldwide.

The input method is a capacitance non-contact method, which physically prevents chattering, and its unique keystroke feel is very appealing to users.

One such weakness of the HHKB is that there are few variations of replacement keycaps (keytops).

Most mechanical keyboards have a “CherryMX” compatible axis, and there are many replacement keycaps available, but the HHKB has a special shape called the “Topre Axis” and will not fit without a dedicated keycap.

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There is a method to change the shape of the entire shaft, but I personally do not recommend it because parts are difficult to obtain and replacement involves damage.

This article will introduce replacement keycaps that can also be used on the HHKB.

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Recommended keycaps for HHKB

Let’s start with the replacement keycaps exclusively for HHKB.

1. Genuine key cap

71pfLXyQuQL. AC SX679
Information reference: Amazon
Japanese alignment supportedant7,590 yen
English Sequence Supportant6,600 yen
Price includes tax

First and foremost is the genuine replacement keycap.

As it is officially sold by the company, it is compatible with both English and Japanese layouts.

There are three colors to choose from: white, snow, and black, each with Japanese, English, and unmarked versions, so there is a wide range of choices in combinations.

However, all coloring is chic, so it is not suitable for those who want a unique keyboard.

Product Lineup

When purchasing from Amazon, be sure to buy from the official store.

2. Real Force exclusive keycap

Japanese alignment supportedconditionally
English Sequence Supportconditionally

The REALFORCE-specific keytops can be used, although with some conditions.

Keytops in various colorings are available, but unfortunately they are only compatible with Japanese layouts.

Moreover, it is compatible only with alphabetical keys, so it can be used in applications where some keytops on the keyboard are replaced.

As for the price, however, many people may find it difficult to take the plunge, as the price of the Alpha key alone is more than 5,000 yen.

Kawamura top RKawamura

If only some keytops are to be replaced, colored keytop sets may be more suitable.

3.Domikey releases HHKB exclusive keycaps

Image reference: Domikey
Japanese alignment supportednashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta)
English Sequence Supportant

Personally, I most recommend the HHKB dedicated keytop set released by Domikey.

It does not support Japanese layouts, only English layouts, but the fitting is perfect because it is made with the Tohpre axis compatible exclusively with HHKB.

There are a total of five color lineups.

Color Lineup of Domikey HHKB Exclusive Keytop

  • Dolce Orange (Orange×Black)
  • Cyberpunk (Pink×Blue color)
  • Atlantis Blue (yellow and blue)
  • Semi-conductor (Fluorescent green×Black type)
  • 80s (cream and yellowish)

However, these products are sold exclusively through international mail-order sites.

You can find them on Amazon and other sites, but they are very expensive compared to international retailers, so we do not recommend them.

Also, as far as purchasing on Ali Express, it will be difficult to find as there are many similar products.

Kawamura top RKawamura

Similar products are fine, but Domikey is still the better choice in terms of quality; I own several Domikey keycaps and they are very well made and high quality.

If you are interested in purchasing Domikey’s HHKB-specific keytops, we recommend the official KPrepiblic website.

We specialize in Domikey and have experience doing business with this site as well.

They are also very attentive to after-sales support, using e-mail and other tools. (However, communication is in English, so we recommend using DeepL.)

Payment can be made by PayPal or credit card, and it takes about 10 days from order to arrival in Japan.

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Please use the coupon code below for $5.00 off!

Coupon code: HOTTYHOTTEA


These are the descriptions of replacement keytops exclusively for HHKB.

HHKB is becoming more and more popular with the regular sale of the pure white “snow” model.

After all, one of the best parts of a mechanical keyboard is “changing keycaps.

Why not take this opportunity to update your HHKB as well?

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