Talk about ordering aluminum keyboard parts from JLCPCB.


This is an introductory article to the experience.

The author, who usually works in a web-based business, has too many opportunities to type too hard and came across a mechanical keyboard to improve work efficiency.

At first I used commercial products, but before I knew it, I was completely addicted to the swamp of homemade keyboards.

This swamp is deep, and in addition to the swamp of the keyboard itself, there are multiple parallel swamps, such as the keycap swamp and the keyswitch swamp, which are already very difficult.

And then there are the “make your own case” type products that are becoming more and more common in recent self-made keyboards.

This is a method of obtaining a case by printing the 3D printed data prepared by the manufacturer yourself or by placing an order with a vendor.

I have a feeling that more people in this neighborhood have 3D printers, but probably more people order them because they are not commonly used in Japan.

Let me preface this by sharing my experience with “ordering cases in aluminum material,” which was recently started at JLCPCB.


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I ordered a daditto case in aluminum.

IMG 20230813 121624 scaled

Here is the completed drawing.

daditto is a 45% layout mechanical keyboard designed by ◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢ (yynmt).

It has become one of my most frequently used and favorite keyboards because of its simple and minimalist looks and my preference for the key layout.

In fact, when we discovered daditto, it was after it had already been sold out.

While I was at a loss, an acquaintance was willing to sell it to me with a 3D printed case, and I gladly acquired it.

Perhaps this is the fate of 3D cases, but I have the impression that deformation due to age-related deterioration will become more noticeable depending on the structure and materials.

The daditto case was no exception, and the long edge of the frame was starting to lift slightly.

Of course, I do not have a 3D printer and cannot handle 3D data, so I just order the data provided.

Concerns before placing an order with JLCPCB

JLCPCB is probably the only company that can be commissioned to do 3D printing that is fairly well known in this neighborhood.

The company offers 3D printing in a wide variety of materials and has recently added CNC machining in aluminum material.

I already had experience ordering 3D printing with the Maglit40 case order, but I have no experience at all with metal fabrication.

I had the impression that the finish and errors in 3D printing were quite large depending on the material, but when it comes to metal processing, I have no idea what the harms are or what points to keep in mind.

A little research revealed that CNC machining involves cutting metal with a circular cutter.

So it was somewhat predictable that a design with corners would be quite demanding.

Even if the 3D data was the same, metalworking and 3D printing require different machining processes, so we knew that even if we ordered the 3D data as is, we would probably not be satisfied with the finished product.

I’ll bet on the sophistication of the daditto case.

A closer inspection of the removed case reveals that it has no more corners than expected.

I mean, there is usually an R on what seems to be a corner.

(A lot of horns, you might say, if you look at it professionally.)

I thought, “This looks like it could go…” and placed the order.

(Incidentally, the low price was also a boost. I specified this size, anodized dark gray color and it was under $100.00 including shipping).

Just-fit finish

And here is the finished product.

It was a perfect fit without any glitches.

The rigidity of the metal was still tremendous, and there was no deflection at all on the long sides.

The typing feel has not changed that much, but the increased weight makes typing more stable.

The metal material also satisfies the desire for ownership.

We also shot a typing video.


So I have told you about my experience with ordering metalworking.

Probably, cases that go so smoothly are quite rare, and under normal circumstances, the correct procedure is to create 3D data that assumes metal fabrication and place an order.

The fact that the product was completed without processing without any problems, as in this case, can only be attributed to the sophistication of the manufacturer’s 3D data.

As for daditto, it will be available again in limited quantities, so if you are interested in purchasing it, please click below.

Thank you, author, for your wonderful work.

I will continue to use it vigorously as a companion to my work.

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