Comparison of LED transmission degree by Cerakey coloring|For reference in color selection


Cerakey,” a unique keycap made of ceramic material

Many people may be attracted to the keycaps not only for their glossy appearance, but also for their weight, hard, bass-enhanced typing sound, and cool texture, among many other attractions.

This article will summarize the degree of LED transmission through Cerakey’s coloring.

Please use it as a reference for your purchase!

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Difference in LED transparency between different colors of Cerakey keycaps

DSC 8512

With the cooperation of Cerakey, the following keycap samples were provided for this experiment to check the LED transmittance.

Prepared keycap

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Crazed
  4. Red
  5. Indigo
  6. Pink.
  7. Purple
  8. green
  9. Canal Blue
  10. Water Blue

*Yellow is out of stock and will not be available at this time.

cerakey 11

experimental conditions

The conditions were set as follows

  • Shooting environment: closed room, no light source other than keyboard
  • Photography keyboard: Trident44
  • Firmware: Vial (because lighting adjustments can be visualized)
  • Lighting: White with 100% light intensity.
  • Keyswitch used: Gateron NorthPole, which allows LEDs to penetrate the entire surface (clear on all sides)
  • Photography equipment: Nikon D7500, focal length 35mm, f/5, manual exposure, exposure time 1/800.
  • Measurement method: Visual check (Normally, an illuminance meter should be used, but since one was not available this time, the measurement was performed visually).
cerakey 10
Other keycaps are made of light-impermeable PBT material

Results and Discussion

DSC 8750
  • The trend was found to be that lighter colors transmit light better and darker colors transmit less light
  • It can be seen that the LED light does not change depending on the color of the keycap, but only transmits the color of the light.
  • Although it is a south-facing LED, the closer the light source is, the stronger the glow is.
  • The cross stem portion has a slightly different transparency than the surrounding area, possibly due to the different materials used.

Thus, it was found that lighter colored keycaps tend to transmit light better, while darker colors tend to transmit less light.

Summarizing the above, the following is the order in which they are likely to glow.


The higher the number, the more light passes through, and the lower the number, the less light passes through.

varietyImage Sample
Canal Blue1cbbb1de49abc75b74b6fea238ce8033
5.Water Blue921d8072cb46b925fd1dad676367f5c1


DSC 8526

The above has explained the LED transparency of different colors.

Incidentally, the difference in Cerakey’s coloring is determined by the color of the glaze, which is applied before firing.

This glaze seems to determine the luster and depth of flavor.

This luster and beauty can be said to be the one and only charm that only Cerakey can offer.

We hope you will find it helpful in choosing a color before purchasing!

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