Keychron Q1 Max Japanese layout is now available on Makuake


On April 11, 2024, a crowdfunding campaign for the Keychron Q1 Max Japanese-language keyboard was launched on the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake.

As for the model officially released on December 12, 2023, only the “US layout” was available, but this time, the crowdfunder has added a Japanese layout, long-awaited by Japanese users.


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Discount Code: ryo10

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Keychron Q1 Max Japanese Array Features

The most notable feature of this crowdfunding campaign is that the keycaps are now “Double shot PBT” with a Japanese layout.

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As for the Japanese layout models up to that time, they were sold by “Kopec Japan,” an authorized distributor in Japan, but they were made of ABS material, and there was a noticeable difference in the color of the keycaps from the US layout.

The ABS material tends to be “light” in terms of key feel, which is slightly different from the low, rattle-like feel of the current trend. (This is largely a matter of personal preference.)

Fans will be happy to know that, for the first time, it is all the same as the US layout, including the coloring.

However, with regard to the keycap profiles, the US layout uses the latest “KSA” while the Japanese layout model uses “OSA”.

Kawamura top RKawamura

This is a matter of preference, so there is no one better than the other.
KSA is taller and more recessed toward the center, whereas OSA is shorter and more arched than KSA.

KSA Profile

ksaprofile 1668047564413

OSA Profile

keychronosapbtkeycapsheight1 1642736880761

As for the overall coloring, two colors are lined up: shell white and carbon black.

In addition, while maintaining the keymap changes in VIA, the original application, “ Keyhcron Launcher Web App The new version also allows changes to be made in the original application “Keyhcron Launcher Web App”.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I’m curious how this works… I wonder if only the UI is original and the base is running on QMK?

Other specifications are roughly the same as for the original Q1Max.

Keychron Q1 Max JIS Specification Summary

  • Full Aluminum Body
  • Screw-in stabilizers are used.
  • The keyswitch is a new Gateron Jupiter switch.
  • Two wireless connection methods: 2.4GHz using a USB dongle and Bluetooth 5.1
  • In the 2.4 GHz band, the polling rate is 1000 Hz.
  • The wired connection method is USB Type-C as before.
  • In addition to the gasket-mounted construction, premium acoustic foams such as IXPE, PET, and Latex have greatly improved the keystroke feel.
  • Compatible with QMK/VIA
  • Hot-swappable
  • The following three types of keyswitches are used

Gateron Jupiter Switches

Like Panda Feel
Operating force45±15gf55±15gf59±10gf
Total Travel4.0mm MAX4.0mm MAX3.4mm MAX


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  • Limited Discount Body x 2|64,350 yen (tax included)

The product page on Makuake is here ▷▷▷.

First for Keychron “head family” to enter Japan

From another angle, this was Keychron’s first foray into Japan as the head family of Keychron.


Many of you may have been caught by the “first in Japan” part.

This crowdfunding is being conducted by Keychron’s head office, not by a Japanese distributor.


Until then, sales in Japan had been handled by “Kopec Japan,” but in light of the fact that an official Japanese version of the X account has also been established, it is quite possible that the company will develop directly as a Japanese corporation.

Kawamura top RKawamura

In fact, this account, when it first appeared, had a bit of a “? When it first appeared, this account was a bit “what? The domain name “” used to be “”, but it was suddenly closed and the URL “” was launched without taking over the link, and the subdomain contained the name of a Japanese crowdfunding site. (The domain is an attributed jp that only Japanese corporations can obtain, and this fact suggests that Keychron has already registered its business in Japan.)

With the official announcement of the crowdfunding, “” was found to be the official one, so the “” URL on this site, which had been a broken link, has been changed to a specification that guides you to the official Japanese version.

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