Keychron Q11 is partially out of stock|Currently only brown shaft is in stock


Keychron Q11 seems to be very popular.

As of 5pm on 3/14/2023, the only Keychron Q11 in stock is Gateron Gpro Brown in Carbon Black-B, all others are out of stock.


At first glance, this is an oddly separated keyboard, but if you change your mindset, it becomes a 75% alignment keyboard similar to the Keychron Q1 once it is aligned.

This background and the fact that a very popular manufacturer released a split keyboard may have resulted in a large number of buyers.

Also, Keychron officially states that the product will be shipped within two business days, but Japanese users who purchased the Q11 have not even received a shipping notice, let alone arrival.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I bought mine on the day of release and have not yet received a shipping notice.


Keychronおじさん こと、人気Youtuberのやまかふぇさんもこんなことをおっしゃっていました。

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