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If you are a keyboard enthusiast, you can probably practice blind touch to some degree.

Blind touch is a method of typing by placing the left and right index fingers on “F” and “J” respectively, and then deciding which key each finger is responsible for, so that by habitually learning which key each finger hits, one can “type without looking at the keyboard.

The more familiar you are with blind touch, the more you may think that the number line and function key rows are too far away from each other.

The coverage of the bottom row from the home position is one line, whereas the coverage of the top row is three lines, which means that three times as much area must be covered.

If you have short fingers, it will be difficult to type a number line without moving your palm from the palm rest.

But with Lofree Touch, even number lines can be typed with ease, thanks to its special arch structure.

This article reviews the Lofree Touch, which features an arch structure.

Please see to the end.

Lofree Touch
DSC 6859
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  • 独自アーチ形状で最上行がタイピングしやすい
  • カラーバリエーションが豊富でおしゃれ
  • ホットスワップに対応
  • 機能性と見た目の両方を兼ね備えたロータリースイッチが素晴らしい
  • 打鍵音が大きい
  • カラーによって選択できるキー配列が異なるためわかりにくい
  • キーマップの変更ができない
  • Windows /Mac用のキーキャップが付属していない
Kawamura top R

Representative of GreenEchoes Studio

Ryosuke Kawamura

He launched his own media as a site operator and web writer, and now plans and manages multiple corporate media. He often types heavily in his work, and in his search for greater efficiency, he became addicted to the keyboard swamp and established “GreenKeys”.


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About Lofree Touch Specifications

First, let’s look at an overview of Lofree Touch.


  • Entry-level mechanical keyboard from Lofree
  • The arched sides and unique slope make the number line feel closer.
  • Hot-swappable
  • Various color options available
  • Keyswitches vary from model to model
  • Keycap shape is based on SA, but the unique spherical surface finish makes it easy to fit the finger.
  • Supports three types of connection methods: BT5.0/2.4GHz / wired connection
  • Wireless connection is not available in Japan due to lack of technical qualification.
  • Different models have different key layouts.

Lofree Touch is divided into two main models.

One is the regular “Lofree Touch” and the other is the “Lofree Touch Pro,” which allows users to customize their own parts.

Two types of models exist among the regular models, depending on the color you choose: a “65% layout” model with 68 keys that eliminates function keys, and an “85% layout” model with 100 keys that includes both function keys and a numeric keypad.

There is also a difference in the sound-absorbing material. In the regular Touch board, a silicon pad is placed between the board and the plate, but this has been changed to PORON foam in the Pro.

Kawamura top RKawamura

It may be somewhat confusing to have multiple models and sequences despite the same name.

  • Mode: Bluetooth 5.0 / Type-C / 2.4G Wireless
  • Dimension: 310 x 109 x 51.5 mm
  • Keyboard Weight: 720g
  • Keycap: Dye-Sub PBT
  • Features 68-key layout
  • Pre-installed Gateron G Pro (Red) Switch
  • Hot-Swappable: Yes, Standard 3pin and 5pin
  • NKRO: Yes
  • Baterry: 3 x AAA Battery
  • Typing Time: 30 Days
  • Support Windows, MacOS/iOS and Android

Information reference: https: //www.lofree.co/products/lofree-touch-triple-mode-mechanical-keyboard-grey

Advantages of Lofree Touch

First, let’s look at the advantages of Lofree Touch.

Lofree Touchのメリット
  1. Unique arch shape makes it easy to type on the top line
  2. Stylish with a wide variety of colors
  3. Supports hot-swapping
  4. Great rotary switches that combine both functionality and appearance.
DSC 6866

Unique arch shape makes it easy to type on the top line

DSC 6871

The Lofree Touch can thus be seen to have a gently arched shape when viewed from the side.


As you can see in this video, if you look at the top row, you can see that the arching brings the top row closer to the home position side.

Although it is only a small difference, this slight difference dramatically improves the ease of typing the number line from the home position.

Kawamura top RKawamura

This really surprised me.

Stylish with a wide variety of colors


LofreeTouch is available in a great variety of colors.

As shown in the image above, there are a total of seven different Touch lineups, excluding the exclusive keycap, with several more color schemes available.

To give an example, the “Tofu” model offers a choice of 11 different keycaps.

In addition, by purchasing a special replacement keycap (sold separately), you will be able to enjoy a variety of Touch expressions.

Supports hot-swapping

Lofree Touch is hot-swappable, so it can be replaced with any CHERRY MX compatible key switch.

It is attractive that key switches, which are usually soldered on, can be easily replaced with a single tool.

Except for the Pro model, the standard keyswitch is Gateron Gpro 2.0 Red.

Great rotary switches that combine both functionality and appearance.

DSC 6862

The Touch’s power switch and mode-switching knob is located at the end of the tilt-leg and battery compartment.

The design is very well thought out in that it is placed in a very rational position and does not detract from the aesthetics of the product.

Disadvantages of Lofree Touch

Although the Touch is a very well-designed keyboard, it is true that some aspects of the Touch are unsatisfactory when compared to today’s mainstream mechanical keyboards because of the time that has passed since its release.

Check the following disadvantages carefully before purchasing.

Lofree Touchのデメリット
  1. Loud keystrokes
  2. Difficult to tell because of the different key layouts that can be selected depending on the color.
  3. Keycaps for Windows /Mac not included

Loud keystrokes

Please watch this video first.

Thus, we can see that the bottoming sound is loud.

Most modern keyboards are equipped with sufficient sound-absorbing mechanisms, resulting in a dead keystroke sound with relatively little echo. However, the Touch is not equipped with sufficient sound-absorbing materials, which may have resulted in a loud keystroke sound.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I will note that this is a rather harsh comment, but it is my impression from my perspective, having seen a pinch of keyboards.
It is possible that the sound may not be that noticeable in normal senses, and if silent key switches are used, the keystroke sound itself will not be that noticeable.

Difficult to tell because of the different key layouts that can be selected depending on the color.

This is an advantage, but there is a concern that it may be difficult to choose the right one, since there are multiple models of the same model, but in limited colors.

In addition, some colors may not offer a 96% layout option, so those looking for a 96% layout should consider this option especially carefully.

Unable to change keymap

Touch cannot change the keymap.

Many recent mechanical keyboards support proprietary keymap modification software and QMK, which allows you to change the keymap to your own preference and register shortcut keys as macros.

In that sense, the inability to change the keymap is a disadvantage.

For Mac, this can be done by using “Karabiner Elements”; for Windows, this can be done by changing the keymap using software.

Another option would be to use the QMK Quantizer.

Keycaps for Windows /Mac not included

DSC 6864

This is the same for other Lofree models, but also for Touch, which does not come with replacement keycaps for Windows/Mac and has a common printing.

Even if the keymap cannot be changed, I would like to see replacement keycaps.

About Lofree

Image reference: https://www.lofree.co/pages/untitled

Lofree is a lifestyle brand founded in 2017.

In addition to keyboards, the company offers office products, gadgets, makeup products, kitchen appliances, and much more.

Lofree’s brand concept is “FUN 2㎡”.

Releasing products that focus on what is within one’s reach, the company’s mission is to bring products to the world that spice up a boring life.

A typical product would be The Dot series keyboards, which won high praise on Indiegogo in 2017.

It appears that more than 2 million units have been sold worldwide.

aaa 1
Image reference: https://www.lofree.co/pages/untitled
Kawamura top RKawamura

Although we have not made a full-scale entry into Japan, we are convinced that its appeal is solid.


This is our review of Lofree Touch.

There is room for improvement in terms of key feel, but in terms of looks and the unique arching mechanism, this is a mechanical keyboard that you will want to own.

If you like it, please visit the official website as well.

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