Nuphy halo 75 is found on the official website


In a previous article, we boldly predicted that ” Halo 75 will be released next!” and it has been suggested that this may become a reality.

From the official NuPhy website, we found an image of a replacement keycap that appears to be from Halo 75.

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Image reference: NuPhy
Halo75 Visual

This image is a composite of the finished “Halo 75” image that this site has taken the liberty of creating… but the look is still an addition of one row to the top row of Halo 65.

The product title is “Extra Keycap for Halo 75”, which suggests that it is a replacement ABS keycap for Halo 75.

The look is almost identical to the replacement keycaps sold as Halo 65.

The page in question, Extra Keycaps for Halo75, does not have an internal link from the official site, so it is not usually possible to reach it.

It was registered in a search engine and we discovered it by chance.

(Usually these pages are set to noindex or kept private.)

In any case, if a Halo 75 with function keys is released, it will surely be very popular all over the world.

I’m looking forward to it.

Added on November 4, 2022

The NuPhy Halo 75 was officially announced on Gateron’s official Instagram!

According to this, the expected launch date is likely to be November 7, 2022.

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