Pre-Orders Now Open for 7th Generation OLKB PLANCK from Drop


Pre-orders for the 7th generation OLKB PLANCK are now available from Drop, a website specializing in keyboards.

The pre-order deadline is March 8, 2023 US time, with shipping scheduled for May 19, 2023.

Price is $129 -> $99 with special discount applied.

Planck is a 40%-sized mechanical keyboard with a grid (orthogonal) arrangement, and uses the layer switching buttons on either side of the center space bar to switch layers while keying in the missing keys.

Since this is different from the usual low-staggered or staggered sequences involving vertical displacement, typing requires a good deal of discipline.

On the other hand, it is a beloved key arrangement that has fans all over the world for its cute appearance.

Pre-orders can be placed here.

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Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

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The changes from V6 kit to V7 kit are as follows

Changes from V6 to V7

  • Can be backlit for both north and south facing
  • USB port positioned slightly lower and less prone to failure
  • PCBA with 8 new rotary encoder slots (4 on the left side and 4 on the right side)
  • Plate can be selected from POM plate in addition to conventional steel plate
  • Four case options: CNC aluminum alloy or polycarbonate case.

What I personally would have liked to see would be an improvement in the USB port location.

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This change to the lower part of the case reduces the load on the terminal area.

This is an important change because terminal points are often damaged on home-made keyboards.

It is also noteworthy that rotary encoders can be installed in any two of a total of eight locations on the left and right sides.

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Frankly, it is very difficult to decide which keys to replace with rotary encoders, since there are just so few keys, but it may not be a problem if both “turn + press” functions are combined.

Pre-orders can be placed through Drop.

40% layout is a very courageous choice. Preonic is recommended for an introduction.

This is to announce the launch of the new PLANCK kit.

If you have never used a 40% layout keyboard, you may want to try Preonic first.

Preonic is a keyboard that looks like Planck with an added row of numbers, making it an easy transition from the 65% keyboard.

Still, it would be quite a challenge to perform blind touch with this grid array.

Kawamura top RKawamura

I am practicing too.

Keyboard lovers, try the orthographic keyboard, it’s a must!

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