Keychron Q12 is now available! 96% layout keyboard specialized for left hand macros


I have the impression that they have thrown a tremendous variety of pitches.

On February 11, 2023, Keychron updated its official Twitter account to announce a new model, the Keychron Q12.

As you can see, the arrangement is quite irregular.

Information and image reference: Keychron Q12

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What is Keychron Q12? Anomalous 96% layout keyboard with number pad on the left side

Keychron Q12 is a 96% alignment mechanical keyboard with a number pad on the left side.

The conventional mechanical keyboard convention is that the numeric keypad (number pad) is on the right side of the keyboard, but this is an innovative and irregular keyboard in the sense that it breaks with the conventional convention.

Keychron Q12の特徴
  • Keychron OSA Profile Double shot PBT keycap adoption
  • QMK/VIA support for keymap remapping
  • Switchable between macOS and Windows
  • Wired connection only, no wireless connection
  • Double gasket construction for soft keystroke feel
  • Selectable keyswitch is Gateron G Pro 2.0 Red/Brown
  • Equipped with programmable rotary encoder knob
  • Equipped with screw-in PCB stabilizer

Not for left-handers, but recommended for right-handers

keychronq12qmkcustommechanicalkeyboard3 1676103479815

As the official website states, right-handers as well as left-handers will find this design easy to use.

It is possible to avoid the wasteful practice of operating the mouse with the right hand, then leaving the right hand to hit the number pad, placing the hand on the number pad, and so on….

The main use is the macro pad.

Perhaps the expected use for the Q12 would be a macro pad for the left hand.

If Fn (Mo1) is used as a number pad in the normal layer, and after setting Fn (Mo1) in a position where it can be pressed with the left-hand pinky, a macro can be assigned to each key, allowing the user to press shortcut keys while operating the cursor with the right hand.

Also, if you want to completely separate it as a macro pad, you can wave a shortcut key at the layer 0 stage.

Custom keycaps, such as AKKO, make allocation easy.

drop tokyo60 6
Tokyo60 with AKKO keycap installed

Reactions on social networking sites to the announcement of Keychron Q12

Keychron is vigorously introducing new products, and its fans are found all over the world.

The announcement was received with considerable shock by those fans.

Keychron Q12の評判と口コミ
  • Can’t wait to see the southpaw layout!@TheManicGeek
  • This is the right way to record it.@wsjudd
  • Am I the only one who thinks it’s an amazing change of pace?@yoshitaka_yama
  • Clever to take this 10key to the left. I’m starting to think it’s quite possible @apx_tubasaaa
  • Isn’t this exactly what we’ve been looking for ……@OTK_create
  • Left side numeric keypad looks good @kkeisuke
Kawamura top RKawamura

Personally, it was interesting to see many of the people I follow.

Thus, the reception has been quite friendly to Keychron fans, giving the impression of a welcoming reception for the product release.

Their acceptance as potential early adopters is critical.

Indeed, many people will often operate the numeric keypad with their right hand while using the mouse (or trackball/trackpad) with their right hand.

However, this is quite inefficient if you think about it, since you cannot use the number pad while holding the mouse.

In that sense, it is a very reasonable layout.

We have been touting the Keychron Q0/Q0 Plus as a “superior left-handed device,” and this announcement is official confirmation of that.

As someone who encourages left-handed operation of devices, I am very pleased with this announcement.

More keyboard images from @Hottyhottea ▷▷▷

Keychron Q12 specs details

Width145 mm
Length409.4 mm
Front Height20.2 mm (without keycaps)
Back Height30.9 mm (without keycaps)
Feet Height2.4 mm
Weight2491 ± 10 g (Fully Assembled Version)
Body MaterialFull CNC machined aluminum
Plate MaterialSteel
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Fully Assembled Version)Double-shot PBT keycaps, not shine-through, OSA Profile (OEM height, SA shape)
MCUUltra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 (128KB Flash)
SwitchesGateron G Pro (Fully Assembled Version)
BacklightSouth-facing RGB LED
Switch SupportHot-swappable (5 pin & 3 pin)
Stabs.Screw-in PCB stabs
CableType-C cable + Type-A to Type-C adapter
Operating Environment-10°C to 50°C

Information reference: https: //

Is a split keyboard the next release for Keychron, which is releasing new products at a high pace?

This is our report on the release of Keychron Q12.

As for Keychron, the pace of keyboard announcements has been very fast since last year, and it seems that most of the keyboards with layouts available on the market have been exhausted.

So the next thing we are waiting for is a “split keyboard”.

The Freestyle series by Kinesis and the BAROCCO series by Mistel are well-known ready-made products.

Comments on this announcement also expressed a desire for a split keyboard.

The split keyboard is quite niche in the genre and has become very popular in the homebrew keyboard community.

I think the release of this by Keychron will bring more attention to the keyboard community, including the homebrew keyboard community.

I am looking forward to it.



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