Cannonkeys Announces ALTAIR/ALTAIR-X, Left/Right Split Keyboard with ai03 Design, to Spark a Worldwide Split Keyboard Boom


Note: GB dates are now from April 29, 2024.

On March 23, 2023, Cannonkeys announced the new ALTAIR/ALTAIR-X keyboard by world-renowned keyboard designer ai03.

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ALTAIR/ALTAIR-X is a left-right split-style mechanical keyboard.

The name changes according to the number of key layouts: ALTAIR is a 50% style with a 5-line layout that includes number lines, while ALTAIR-X is a 40% style with 4 lines that eliminates number lines.

Both models support only USB Type-C wired connection, and Type-C to Type-C connection between the left and right side.

Conventional split keyboards usually use TRRS or TRS cables, which are used as audio cables, but those using Type-C connections seem to be rare. (Adopted by Keychron Q11)

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They can also be used as a macro pad if only one of them is connected.

At first glance, a keyboard with a column staggered layout may seem dissimilar to a regular row staggered layout, but if you compare it primarily against the HHKB as a reference, you will notice that the key layout is almost identical.

In addition, the horizontal shift layout originating from typewriters is “unnatural” and the vertical shift of the keys to match the length of the fingers produces linear fingering, thus producing a more efficient typing experience.

Kawamura top RKawamura

This kind of talk tends to lead to unnatural Japanese.

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The gasket-mounted construction allows for a soft and thocky keystroke feel, and the steel or brass bottom weight placed on the back acts as an acoustic damper, making it a thoroughly attractive design.

The color lineup includes Dark Grey, E-White, and Rose Gold.

Prices are $300.00- for ALTAIR-X and $315.00- for ALTAIR.

GB is expected to sell the product, but no start date or vendor has been announced at the time of writing.

In the Japanese domestic self-made keyboard scene, split keyboards themselves are not particularly rare; in fact, they have become a very popular genre.

However, they are generally little known and are often seen as “heretical”.

Recently, the Keychron Q11, a commercial product, has been released in Japan, and the Majestouch Xacro M10SP, a split keyboard from FILCO, is gradually gaining recognition.

Personally, I hope that the ALTAIR series will be the one to light up the split keyboard meetings like the first star of Altair the Eagle.

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