The long-awaited Japanese layout (JIS) model is now available for the Keychron K7. The definitive portable keyboard recommendation!


Kopec Japan, the authorized distributor of Keychron in Japan, updated its Twitter feed on December 16, 2022, announcing that it has begun handling the Keychron K7 Japanese-language model (JIS).

The Keychron K7 is available in a US array model on November 2, 2022.

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Discount Code: ryo10

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Fans’ long-awaited Keychron K7 Japanese Array is now available in Japan! What are the points of interest?

Keychron K7 2

Keychron K7 JIS believes that it will “catch on” in Japan.

There are three reasons for this.

Keychron K7が流行る理由
  • No keyboard bridge is needed, even in the noble style
  • Japanese alignment is adopted.
  • 65% array for easy portability.
  • Low-profile optical key switches for quiet and comfortable typing

No keyboard bridge is needed, even in the noble style

IMG 20230207 173608 scaled

The image shows a Macbook Air M2 with a Keychron K7.

As you can see, when placed on top of a laptop computer with the tilt-leg out, it does not interfere with the existing keyboard and can be used without a keyboard bridge.

The fact that a keyboard bridge is not required is highly appreciated, as we want to keep our luggage as small as possible when we are on the go.

Japanese alignment can be used for both Windows and Mac.

Unlike Logitech and Elecom, Keychron is not so famous in Japan, probably because it is basically an English-language model.

Basically, there is no Japanese-language layout unless Kopec Japan, an authorized distributor, releases a Japanese-language layout.

It is also true that they are slightly more expensive than the two well-known manufacturers mentioned above, making them difficult to afford.

After all, the Keychron K7 is also one of the more expensive keyboards, at around 17,000 yen, but since it uses a Japanese layout and is available for both Windows and Mac, few people will be reluctant to accept it.

Kawamura top RKawamura

The key layout is not so irregular, except that the directional keys are arranged in the lowest row.

65% array for easy portability.


Personally, I believe that a keyboard with a solid typing feel is much faster and more accurate than a pantograph keyboard on a laptop, and I am more efficient at my job because I can type more accurately.

With this in mind, some of you may be carrying around an external keyboard.

The problem for such a person would be the size and weight of the keyboard.

The Keychron K7 JIS, on the other hand, weighs only 400 g and is very compact thanks to its 65% layout.

Keychron K7 10
Normal keycap

It is the perfect model to carry around.

Kawamura top RKawamura

In the 65% layout, the topmost function key is omitted.
See also this article for more information on using the 65% layout keyboard.

Low-profile optical key switches for quiet and comfortable typing

Keychron K7 12

The major low-profile mechanical key switch is the conventional “mechanical method.

Although they are often used by manufacturers such as Gateron and Kailh, the Keychron K7 JIS uses Keychron Optical keyswitches.


Thus, instead of the usual switch type, the ON is determined by reading the signal converted into light instead of a conductor, which is characterized by a faster response than usual.

Another appeal of this product is that it is thinner than a typical key switch, which saves space.

Keychron Lowprofile Optical Swithces

Red SwitchesBlue SwitchesBrown SwitchesWhite SwitchesYellow SwitchesGreen Switches
key load40±10gf48±10gf57±10gf30±10gf57±10gf67±10gf
Movement to operation1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm
Overall movement2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm
reactionlinearclickytactilelinearearly bump
early bump

sound sample

Keychron Optical Red
Keychron Optical Blue
Keychron Optical Brown
Keychron Optical White
Keychron Optical Yellow
Keychron Optical Mint

Keychron K7 JIS is a must try!

These are the Keychron K7 JIS-arranged models.

The combination of the three aforementioned factors will make it the “most useful input device on the go.

The typing noise is also very quiet and does not bother me at all when I use it in my office.

The recommended axis is the mint or banana axis.

If you like a slightly heavier feel, the mint axis will be better for you, and if you prefer a slightly lighter feel, the banana axis will be better for you.

Both are blamed for whether the tactile feedback of a tugging sensation that lets you know that you have “hit” is returned, thus reducing the number of typing errors.

I hope you give it a try!

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