Super Kopec has Keychron V3/V6 lineup before long|Both have Japanese layouts


With the launch of the Keychron K9 Pro, I was looking at the official Super Kopec website as usual… and to my surprise, I found the Keychron V3/V6 in the lineup.

Moreover, in addition to the alphanumeric layout, there is also a Japanese layout.

Until then, when new products arrived, they were listed in the “NEWS” section, but no announcements were made after April 2023, perhaps because of the change in the body of work.

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Keychron K10 announcement was last modified.

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About Keychron V3 US /JIS (Japanese layout)

v3 hero4 scaled 1
Image reference: Kopec Japan

Keychron V3 US/JIS is an 80% tenkeyless size mechanical keyboard.

Instead of using a gasket-mounted construction modeled after the Q series and a full aluminum body, multiple layers of sound-absorbing material are laid down, allowing the user to enjoy a very tight, dead keystroke sound.

v3 structure scaled 1

Of course, it is hot-swappable and QMK/VIA compatible, so you can freely change the keymap to your own favorite keymap.


The K8 Pro is priced at 17,930 yen (including tax), which is slightly more expensive than the K8 Pro, but considering the feel of the keys, this is definitely the better choice.

About Keychron V6 US/JIS (Japanese layout)

osaprofile v6 scaled 1
Image reference: Kopec Japan

Keychron V6 JIS/US is a 100% full layout mechanical keyboard.

As with the V3, multiple layers of sound-absorbing material are laid over the keys, resulting in a characteristic dead keystroke feel.

QMK/VIA support allows keymap changes, and of course, it is hot-swappable.

The full-size layout lineup includes the following, but the V6 is a “middle class” option.

As for the price, it is 19,360 yen (including tax).



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