New material “XResin” is now available in JLC3DP


A few days ago, when I opened the “JLC3DP” order page to order a case for the Corne V4, I saw that there is a new material, XResin, which is a new option.

Looking at the description, it appears that it is not a “new material” but rather that it can be manufactured at a lower cost instead of “print material cannot be specified”.


X-Resin is a new resin that uses the blind box resin concept and the random distribution of current resin materials for printing. As such, specified materials are not supported. Only sample orders are supported; bulk orders are not supported. Limited sales each day. Suitable for producing graphics for figurines, crafts, and total force products, as well as for checking the condition of product enclosures.


Let’s see how the prices compare for a single hand of Corne V4.

  • LEDO6060Resin: $3.45
  • XResin: $1.38

Thus, it is very inexpensive.

Shipping costs to your area will be added here, but for those who do not have a 3D printer at home, they can now order samples of 3D printed products even more inexpensively.

Please give it a try.

Discount Code: ryo10

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Discount Code: ryo10

to save 10% off your purchase.

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