FILCO “Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible” now available in new strawberry and milk colors


DiaTech, Inc. announced the addition of a color lineup for its Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible compact mechanical keyboard from its FILCO keyboard brand on December 23, 2023.

new color

  • MINILA-R Strawberry
  • MINILA-R Milk

The release date is January 6, 2023, and the product is available for pre-order on the official sales website.

Information reference: DiaTech / DiaTech “Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible

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Discount Code: ryo10

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MINILA-R Strawberry Milk Specifications

MINILA-R Strawberry: pink frame/white keycap

MX Brown shaftMX Blue axisMX Black shaftMX Red AxisMX SILENT Silent axis
Japanese-style arrayFFBTR66M/NPK
17,930 yen
18,700 yen
English-language arrayFFBTR63M/EPK
17,930 yen
17,930 yen
18,700 yen
All prices include tax

MINILA-R milk: white frame/white keycap

MX Brown shaftMX Blue axisMX Black shaftMX Red AxisMX SILENT Silent axis
Japanese-style arrayFFBTR66M/NWT
17,930 yen
18,700 yen
English-language arrayFFBTR63M/EWT
17,930 yen
17,930 yen
18,700 yen
All prices include tax

There are no major changes in specifications from the MINILA-R released to date.


Body size

W297 x D124 x H40mm (46mm when using stand) / 680g


  • Strawberry|FFBTR6XXX/XXX
  • Matte black|FFBTR6XXX/XXX
  • Sky blue|FFBTR6XXX/XXX
  • Sky blue|KOBO-SGY08-X-XXX
  • Camouflage|KOBO-CAM08-X-XXX
  • Lacquer / Celadon style silver openwork|KOBO-SIJ08-XXX-XXX
  • Lacquer/Jet Black|KOBO-BLACK08-X-XXX
  • Lacquer/Ginga (blue)|KOBO-GXB08-X-XXX
  • Lacquer/Galaxy (Fri.) |KOBO-GXG08-X-XXX
  • Lacquer / Shibuki lacquer (black) |KOBO-SBKB08-X-XXX


USB2.0 / Bluetooth 5.1 HID profile

DIP switch

SW1CapsLock and Left Ctrl swap
SW2CapsLock and ESC swapped front and back
SW3Standard mode (conversion/no conversion)
SW4Swap the front and back of the lower right cursor key.
SW5Mac-only mode
SW6Power saving mode on/off
JP array
SW1CapsLock and Left Ctrl swap
SW2CapsLock and ESC swapped front and back
SW3Front and back of “¥|” and Del are swapped.
SW4Swap the front and back of the lower right cursor key.
SW5Mac-only mode
SW6Power saving mode on/off
US array

Some combinations of DIP switches not listed in the manual are possible

The MINILA-R manual is available Click here

included thing

  • USB cable (1.8m)
  • 2 AA dry cell batteries for trial use
  • Replacement keycap
  • Dedicated Keepers
  • User’s Manual and Warranty Card

Other Special Notes

RoHS2 (Revised RoHS Directive) compliant

Supported models

  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1/10 / 11
  • Computer with USB port for wired connection
  • For wireless connection, a computer that supports the Bluetooth HID profile
  • Bluetooth connection requires a PC equipped with Bluetooth functionality compatible with Bluetooth 5.1 or a Bluetooth receiver adapter. However, in rare cases, connection may not be possible due to compatibility issues. Not all Bluetooth receiver adapters are compatible.
  • *An operable mouse is required for Bluetooth connection setup.
  • *Mac mode is not guaranteed to work on all macOS.

Information reference: https: //

Features of MINILA-R and how to choose

MINILA-R is an ultra-compact keyboard with a 60% layout.

Since they are not hot-swappable, key switches cannot be purchased after purchase, so you must carefully consider the axis of your choice before selecting one.

Also, although it does not support keymap changes, it is possible to change the mapping to your preference with the DIP switch on the back.

Features of MINILA-R

It is a keyboard for advanced users, as it omits the function keys, special keys, and directional keys.

In particular, the operation of the directional keys requires sufficient familiarity, as they are operated by simultaneously pressing the “Fn key” next to the space bar and the directional keys located in the lower right corner of the main unit.

What is the recommended layout, English or Japanese? Japanese layout?

One of the main features of Japanese input is the Kana-Eisuji switching and the conversion (space bar) → confirm (enter key) flow.

Since most Windows users switch between kana and alphanumeric characters using the “half/full-width” key, they will be able to switch between the two without any particular difficulty.

However, Mac users can use “Eisuji” and “Kana” on either side of the space bar to switch between Kana-Eisuji.

The “Fn key” comes to the relevant position in MINILA-R and cannot be changed from here, so the switching cost would be very high.

In that case, it would be better to use “Control + Space” instead.

Once you learn this operation, you will have no problem choosing either a Japanese or alphanumeric keyboard.

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